Language is Key 2 MISERY or freedom

PLEASE LOOK , this not to STEAL EWE but to STEER U towards the ancient mysteries and myths of the world. From real History,HIS-Story, Her STORY, HRM StatuteTORY to the monster raving Loony party our GLOBAL GOVERNMENT that is killing us . QUI (we) KUT (cut) a paste text large chunks of Websites and text of different opinions and points of view from websites, kindle books, normal books and pdfs. The books that can be read online and you can go straight to them from this SITE, to check the quotes and information in context. For the books that are not available for free, links are provided to amazon and other websites. If you can get a pre-war dictionary preferably the WAVERLY 1939 LOTS OF THE WORLDS MYSTERIES WILL BE RE-VEALED OR UN-VAIL-ED. also a Blacks law dictionary edition 5

Listen to The Swindler’s Stooge